Ways You Are Inhibiting Belly Fat Loss

Introduction One of the toughest areas to target during weight loss can be stubborn belly fat. If you spend hours working out or regulating your diet and still can't see a difference, you might be doing something wrong. Image Credit: Unsplash

Less fibre Fibre helps aid digestion while making you feel full. It is a great substitute for hunger pangs without harming your diet. Fibre is known to help decrease abdominal weight gain effectively. Image Credit: Unsplash

Alcohol The number of calories in your favourite alcoholic beverage might surprise you. Your body has to work harder to digest alcohol which leads to more fat being deposited in your belly. Image Credit: Unsplash

High sugar You might be surprised to know the amount of sugar that goes into your favourite foods or drinks. Sugar is a leading cause of stubborn belly fat. Image Credit: Unsplash

Wrong workout A cardio-focused workout like running or exercising isn't enough to help lose stubborn fat deposited in the abdominal area. Instead, do combine cardio and weight training. Image Credit: Unsplash

Less protein Protein is a bodybuilding nutrient. It is also important to lose weight. A high protein intake helps make you feel full while decreasing your calorie intake. Image Credit: Unsplash

Calorie deficit To lose weight you should maintain a caloric deficit of at least 500 a day. 500 calories a day helps lose 1 kg weight per week. Image Credit: Unsplash

Stress A Stressful work routine or lifestyle makes it tougher to burn fat in the body, making it harder to lose weight. Image Credit: Unsplash

Lack of sleep Not sleeping enough can cause hormonal imbalances. It leads to an increased appetite, making it tougher to lose belly fat. Image Credit: Unsplash

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