Top Food Habits To Help You Sleep Better At Night


Sleeping 6-8 hours at night is essential for sound health and if you are one of those who struggles to fall asleep, here are some food habits that may help you sleep better at night.

Warm milk

Milk contains melatonin which is required by our bodies to sleep. Drinking a glass of warm milk before going to bed might allow you to sleep undisturbed through the night.


Rice is a carbohydrate-rich diet which explains why it makes you feel sleepy afterwards. Having a plate of rice at night improves your quality of sleep.

Chamomile tea

Drinking chamomile tea promotes sleep and helps treat insomnia. It is also highly beneficial for your immunity and your heart.


These nuts are full of vital nutrients and antioxidants. Eating almonds helps prevent chronic pain, regulate blood sugar and promote better sleep.


Eating kiwis has been proven to increase the quantity and quality of sleep.

No caffeine

Limit your caffeine intake throughout the day and avoid taking coffee in the afternoon or night as it can ruin your sleep. Image Credit: Unsplash

Heavy dinner

Eating a big dinner a few hours before sleep can disrupt your digestion, causing acid reflux.

Fatty fish

Fish such as salmon or tuna contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. This is known to enhance sleep and help with insomnia.

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