Nora Fatehi's luxury handbags

Nora Fatehi's luxury handbag collection will spin you in circles with trendy styles and pops of colour in abundance

Nora easily picks one classic and pretty much buys them in a whole host of colours

The Lady Dior is an all-time classic and she owns the Rs 4.6 Lakh handbag not just in white but in a blush pink tone too

The entire Hermes collection could easily house in Nora Fatehi's closet and it's not just the high and mighty Birkin that she loves

Nora Fatehi has a whole host of Hermes Kelly mini handbags, all you have to do is pick a colour

If you ever thought a bright pink handbag just didn't fit in well with the rest of your outfit, think again!

Chanel's signature quilted handbag needs no introduction and neither does Nora Fatehi's love for it

Gucci's unique shapes and styles too make the cut to become one of Nora Fatehi's many arm candies

Limited edition handbags further prove that her radar is always buzzing with the fashion's hottest trends

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