Healthy Snacks To Carry On A Road Trip

Dry Fruits Credits: Unsplash

Dry fruits are easy to carry, nutritious and satiating, which makes them a perfect option for travelling Credits: Pexels

Granola Bars Credits: Unsplash

Granola bars and prepackaged yoghurt cups are easy to carry and are a healthy snacking option when on the road Credits: Unsplash

Low-sugar beverages Credits: Unsplash

One must carry enough water and low-sugar beverages such as nimbu pani or coconut water as they are high in fibre and prevent dehydration Credits: Unsplash

Fresh fruits Credits: Unsplash

Munching on fresh fruits like apples, oranges and grapes is a great way to stay hydrated, especially while travelling during the summer months Credits: Pexels

Sandwiches Credits: Unsplash

You can add cucumbers and tomatoes to your sandwich to make them healthy and fulfilling for travelling Credits: Unsplash

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