Everything You Should Know about Monkeypox

Belgium the first to mandate quarantine

According to CNBC, Belgium is the first to mandate 21-day quarantine for monkeypox patients.

Disease originated in animals

According to the (WHO), monkeypox is a viral disease originating in animals and is typically found in the tropical rainforest areas of Central and West Africa.

Symptoms of Monkeypox

Early symptoms include fever, chills, enlarged lymph nodes, muscle and body aches, and exhaustion

Who is most at risk?

Risk factors for monkeypox include contact with live or dead animals, consumption of wild game or bush meat, or close contact with an infected individual.

Monkeypox treatment

Newman said there’s no monkeypox-specific treatment, but antiviral drugs and immunoglobulinsTrusted Source used against smallpox are effective in this disease.

No need to panic

According to Dr. Alex Li, deputy chief medical officer, L.A. Care Health Plan, there is no need for panic.

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