Exactly When Every Restaurant Chain Plans to Reopen

The U.S. government required restaurant dining rooms to shutter to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here's when restaurant chains will start reopening.

By Sebastian Schneider | April 27, 2020

The federal government's guidelines urge Americans not to dine at rest restaurants,  bars on March 16. Since then, many states have claimed their own policies and the restrictions imposed on restaurant dining rooms by the government. Following weeks of accommodation assignments, some states have announced plans to reopen the restaurant’s dining room before the federal government announces official criteria for “opening phase 1”. For example, Georgia and Tennessee announced that restaurants in their states could serve customers in the dining room until Monday, April 27th.

It looks like we'll be back to normal soon, but the restaurant chain of your choice won't see the same order. Most importantly, the restaurant’s food capacity needs to be reduced by about 50 percent for a six-foot differentiation between people to follow the guidelines for social distance.

Currently, without formal guidance, restaurants decide for themselves when to reopen and what their restaurant operations look like to ensure the health and safety of their customers and employees. To that end, here is a list of fast food and fast-casual restaurants that have announced their reopening plans, and when those are scheduled to happen. We will be updating this list as restaurants announce their plans. This list is current as of April 27, 2020.

Waffle House

Waffle house sign

Opening date: Georgia locations opening April 27; thereafter, openings will be based on local regulations

The news that the waffle house was closed in more than 21 percent of US locations due to the coral virus was shocking. Known as the "Waffle House Index", the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assesses how bad natural disasters are as Waffle House locations are open because Waffle Houses are well prepared for disasters. Restaurant chains rarely close their doors, so closing the company meant serious business was meant to prevent or delay the spread of the Corona virus.

"It looks like a good sign that the breakfast chain is opening in Georgia on Monday, April 27," Walt Ehmer, CEO of Waffle House, told local Channel 2 in Atlanta on Friday, April 24th. To be. Ahmer said the chains have been under development for weeks so that when the restaurant opens, it will follow the social absenteeism guidelines. Employees must wear a mask, improve hygiene practices in stores and create screening protocols to ensure people do not get sick.


BJs brewery and restaurant
designs by Jack/Shutterstock

Opening date: As early as April 27; based on local regulations thereafter

In an announcement on Friday, April 24, BJ's announced that the restaurant would reopen the dining room of the brewery if local cuisine lifted the ban on the dining room. "With the approval of state and local authorities, our teams are preparing to reopen the restaurant," said BJ CEO Greg Trojan. Expect social distractions and extra lugs in BJ's dining room to ensure a safe dining experience.

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Opening date: Based on local regulations, but the restaurant chain has posted reopening guidelines

On Monday 27 April, Apple Pulby posted a statement on its website explaining how food would be different when opening locations across the country. However, reopening dates have not been officially announced. Here's what you need to know before you go to post-quarantine:

  • you will not be permitted to enter the restaurant if you have a fever or COVID-19 symptoms
  • you must keep a 6-food distance from other guests
  • there will be reduced seating
  • waiters will wear face coverings
  • there will be a limited menu
  • condiments are only provided on request
  • there will only be one-time-use menus
  • some locations will offer contact-free payment


starbucks storefront

Opening date: As early as May 3; however, individual stores will open based on local guidelines, and no nationwide official reopening date has been announced.

On April 1, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson announced that the cafe lobby would be closed until Sunday, May 3, but the coffee chain would provide regular transit and delivery services. On Thursday, April 16, Johnson announced that as the world entered the "monitor and customize" phase, instructing field managers to consider four factors when resuming local businesses: "Public health" protects the local state before crisis, health, and government guidelines. Civil servants, community spirit, and commitment. “Currently 13,000 locations in Dead SA USA Rica have not been officially shared on ripping data.


International mcdonalds restaurant

Opening date: Franchise companies are reopening according to local guidelines. If restaurants in some states like Georgia lift the ban, you can expect to open a dining room.

If your state facilitates food, you could probably run the Golden Arches. McDonald's says they will begin reopening the dining room once the states lift the ban on restaurants. The company will work with the franchisee to plan to convert 95% of American restaurants and local authorities, according to the Wall Street Journal.

TGI Friday's

tgi fridays storefront

Opening date: Not available at this time

The official opening date on Friday has not been announced, but steps have been taken by the restaurant chain to take the store front to ensure the safety of its guests and employees. These tasks include creating large differences between tables, removing common spices and replacing them with individual parts, and providing a menu with one piece.

Olive Garden, LongHorn Steak House, and More

Olive garden store front

Opening date: Not available at this time

Warden's parent company, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Yard House, Capital Grille, and Chadders Scratch Kitchen, update customers of the company's work during the coronavirus outbreak. All dining rooms are currently closed but are planning again. Restaurant team members make sure the dining room is rearranged before it disappears from the screen, to check the daily temperature, clean and tidy up the restroom and create more space between the tables. To ensure there are no congregations in the lobby or bar, all team members must wear masks and crop team gloves.

Red Lobster

Red lobster restaurant

Opening date: Not available at this time

On the Red Lobster website, the company explains why it would reopen the restaurant if we worked with coronaviruses. However, no specific date has been mentioned. He says: "After careful consideration and introduction of additional health and safety procedures we are slowly opening up our dining rooms." When asked to reopen the Red Lobster Dining Room, team members disinfect touch-sensitive areas every 30 minutes, measure workplace staff temperatures, and require employees to wear face wear and gloves. Use the one-way menu and implement the social distance protocol.


chick fil a

Opening date: Not available at this time

Although Georgia has 260 Chick-fil-A locations, Chicken Chen said "it will take more time to review our operation and secure our guests and team members before reopening our dining room." Be careful, "according to the COVID-19 update published on the Chick-File-A website on Thursday, April 23rd..


Facebook/ Zaxby's

Opening date: Not available at this time

On Friday, April 24, the chicken chain announced that they will continue to keep their dining rooms closed despite some states beginning to relax restaurant restrictions.

Restaurants that currently have no plans to reopen dining rooms:

Sorry we are closed sign

Below is a list of restaurant chains that have not yet announced plans to resume and chains that offer improved delivery experiences for market orders. Although they all have dine-in services, most destinations are still open for transit, take-out and delivery.

There are also some rest restaurants that turn to the grocery store during an epidemic to offset lost food earnings. The idea is that you can buy staple foods (such as milk, bread, and products) and put your own set of food to feed the family instead of ordering individual meals..

Fast food chains with no announced plans to reopen:

Restaurant chains with no announced plans to reopen:

Again, we will keep this list updated as announcements are made. Until then, stay informed on the latest coronavirus food news by signing up to get our newsletter delivered straight to your inbox.

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