Wendy's Is Offering Free Chicken Nuggets on Twitter

Free four-piece chicken nuggets, coming your way!

By Bradley Daves | April 27, 2020

This may be due to Wendy's marketing and/or any promotion on the social media team. Like many internet events, the internet has been provoked to explain the explanation, by offering fair walkers a fair fur to give every Twitter follower free chicken nuggets. What's going on there

Wendy offers fur to anyone who likes the following tweet, which they call "grouping" as part of a nationwide ban, a free four-piece chicken nugget that causes all of us to have a permanent coronavirus outbreak.

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The tweet has been viewed by nearly 3 million people since they released their first ad tweet at 7.30pm on Monday. It was retweeted nearly 1,000,000 times and received over 43,000 likes. Show Group No Tweet:

It looks like you don't really need to click the "Like" button in a tweet to get a 4-piece chicken nugget. You just need to show up at your local Wendy's to take advantage of Just offer. If you go there for a free nugget, you'll also buy soda, some fries, and/or a typical square burger (always fresh, never frozen!). That way they will get you.

Of course, Wendy didn't make her announcement on Twitter. He also posted a countdown clock on his Instagram and Facebook stories. Below is a video of her Facebook presence:

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The coronavirus epidemic is a particular challenge for restaurants, bars, and food courts after the White House passed a housing policy term a month ago. The almost nationwide lockdown seems to have successfully “flattened” the turn, it was also an economic disaster. In fact, only four national restaurant chains made a profit in the first quarter.

Wendy's offer to give free gold to a nation struggling with a public health crisis can be seen by some as a malicious marketing ploy. But most people see it as a fun and effective way to get to his restaurant. And who can't use the good news these days?

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