7 Food Chains Now Offering Only Drive-Thru & Delivery

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, these restaurants are making everything to-go.

By Garth Baxter | May 19, 2020

As of March 18, more than 7,300 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the United States, and many states are reaching out to places where people gather every day: restaurants and bars. Some of the country’s most popular fast food chains are closing their dining rooms and will only provide transportation and delivery services until further notice.

This decision comes in light of the CDC's warning that as of March 15,  large events and mass gatherings (50 people or more) should be cancelled for eight weeks. As of right now, there are seven food chains that have either already committed to exclusively doing drive-thru and delivery services or are in the process of making that shift in various states.

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Here are the seven quick-service chains that are making strides to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Note, we will be continuously updating this list as we hear of more closures. 


Taco Bell

Taco bell drive through sign

On Saturday, Mark King, CEO of Taco Bell Corp., announced on Twitter that there are only 7 transit and delivery services in more than 7,000 stores starting to implement self-quarantine in many regions.

"If we have to temporarily close our dining rooms, we will limit the interaction of millions of guests and promote social balance," King said in a statement.

The company goes a step further and ensures that its employees remain stable and earn steady income during this period.

"We will pay employees who have to stay at home or work in a restaurant that is closed during their regular or regular scheduled absence. We are actively encouraged to work with their franchise partners. The same approach," he said.



Chick fil a sign

Chick-fil-A announced this morning that it will temporarily close dining rooms in the United States tomorrow. The chain said some locations will only make a passage transition, indicating that customers quickly change the chains to include those who need to stay inside.

"We know these are challenging times, but we'll continue to do our best to serve you," said Chick-fil-A in a statement.



the mcdonalds golden arches set against a bluebird sky
Bubbers BB/Shutterstock

As of Sunday, 24 McDonald's restaurants in Northeast Ohio should be temporarily closed only temporarily. This McDonald's is owned by the independent franchise Rubber City Arch, LLC.

"Our priority is to protect you, our employees and our community." Read the sign. "We are closing the dining rooms at all 24 McDonald's Restaurant Rents in Northeast Ohio with great caution until further notice."

On Monday, March 16, the chain announced that it would close the seating area in addition to the use of self-service kiosks and drink bars in about  700 company-operated stores. Another 13,150 rest restaurants belong to the Rents franchise.

The series states that our independent franchisees focus on the needs of their local communities and make safe and caring decisions. Franchisees are encouraged to use similar practices operating methods, taking into account the needs of their employees and communities. In a statement.



starbucks storefront

Starbucks recently announced that it would close some of its locations (primarily in Seattle and New York City) and switch to thousands of stores nationwide. Was. US President Rosen Williams, executive vice president of Starbucks, said Rossann Williams.


Panera Bread

panera bread

In Syracuse, New York,  Panera Bread has closed the dining rooms in the city. However, customers can still come to the store to order groceries. Orders can also be placed on the phone through the app and through the passage.



Dunkin' donuts logo

The donut shop announced on Tuesday, March 17 that it will be limiting service to just delivery, carry-out and drive-thru orders until further notice.



kfc restaurant exterior

As of March 19, KFC restaurants in the U.S. will limit its service to drive-thru, carry-out, and to-go orders only.

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