5 Appointments That Are Impossible to Book Anytime Soon

Assuming you're adhering to the latest government-backed guidelines

By Bradley Daves | April 28, 2020

The world may begin to close at a certain stage, but this does not mean that the life we ​​remember will soon return to normal.

Regarding your health needs and desires, there are many non-optional dates and procedures recommended by organizations like CDC and Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that delay you indefinitely in the future - how much you miss them (and how) You are keen to put them back into your routine).

If you’re curious about what you’re reading, here are five appointments you definitely can’t book right now and you can do better in the future (even if you want to!).


Your Acupuncture Appointment

We all know this is a stressful time. However, if you want to squeeze in a session into a very popular medical treatment session, including a needles stuck in your skin, you should know that CMS classifies acupuncture as “Tier 1”. It is considered a “treatment or service”. "With poor visual acuity. With regular medical checkups. In other words, you should" postpone service. "


Your routine teeth cleaning.

female patient being examined by dentist
Do you want to quit quarantine to clean your teeth? Good luck with White House guidelines, the CMS, the American Dental Association and the American Dental Hygienists Association all stipulating that all non-emergency and non-essential dental examinations be "postponed until further notice."

And even if you book a non-emergency appointment next week, you shouldn't take the risk - for yourself and your hygienist's. The Department of Labor states that dentists are more likely to be at risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 (and, according to Vice reports, their jobs look terrible). Make sure you know the signs that your 10 companions are Covid-19 for more advice on exploring the coronavirus.

Your Botox injection

According to the CDC, surgeons undergo all incurable and cosmetic interventions during a coronavirus epidemic. According to a Vanity Fair report, these rules are "worrying" for "injection sets" that require regular botox maintenance.


Your yearly physical

Doctor's Hand Measuring Blood Pressure Of Male Patient.

That should go without saying, but your physically with your family doctor is still definitely considered nonessential - and will be uncertain as hospitals have difficulty controlling coronavirus.


Your monthly massage

Are you serious ?! For more things you shouldn’t do, don’t lose these 30 bad habits if you get stuck.

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