15 Ways to Crush Your Cravings That Actually Work

You'll be able to drop those unwanted pounds in no time if you follow these easy tips.

By Garth Baxter | April 28, 2020

Everyone has a craving and most of the time you crave healthy food. Hey, when it comes to your salty teeth and you imagine some cookies, nothing can stop you from spoiling yourself. But when you try to lose weight, you don't have to give up craving at all, do you?

Weight loss expert  Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., R.D.N., and the author of the new book You Can Leave, says the author promises to teach you how to enjoy these cookies - or sugar treatments - without the spiral. Increase Chinese fuel.

Muhlstein says the trick to crushing is to make sure you never feel like you have nothing to eat. "Fraud stays bad and causes constant pain, not consequences," says Muhlstein, who is part of the American Heart Association's leadership team. Muhalsta developed several effective strategies that helped him lose 100 pound while enjoying carbohydrates, chocolate treats, and cocktails. So she knows what she's doing!

Here are 15 simple ones that can crush your cravings forever. And for more of that, check out when you can leave it!


The More? Sure! Model

healthy dinner plate

She explains that the work best for anyone who leads large starvation or a social occasion where there is a long window to eat. Imagine a water bike on a bike. Start there with a glass of water. Once you participate in this program, then roll the vegetables and fill the food with high water content. “Next, choose and eat your protein because kids have a sense of your wholeness to prevent overheating,” says Muhlstein. "If you want a cure, you'll be much more selective and controlled." If you want more after that, definitely go ahead, but you need to start again with a glass of water at the top of the circle. You will lose your craving before you return.


The Delay, Don't Deny Method

woman looking into bakery window

If you're tempted to stop at a favorite bakery while driving, say, "I don't need pastries right now. Instead, I'm planning it for an upcoming special occasion." How does it work? "They only delay participation in treatment without denying it," says Muhlstein. "The idea is that you" turn off "the opportunity to eat until later so that it stays special." Over time, you realize that the expectation of delayed satisfaction actually increases self-confidence and sensory experience when you're finally treated, she says. And if you want to learn more about how your emotions are affected, here are the signs that you are eating your feelings.


The DINTEO Question

candy on desk

Developing a new way of thinking about food is a great tool. DINTEO means the question, do I need this eating opportunity? "Asking yourself DINTEO doesn't rob you, it enables you!" Says Muhlstein. Whenever you have a chance to eat - and they pop all day (free pastries, biscuits over the counter, etc. when you get coffee). - Ask yourself this question. The answer is probably "no!" Because food encounters usually happen when you are not hungry.


Take a Deep Breath

deep breath

Studies have shown that slow breathing techniques can affect your breathing to better control your craving for food. A study of psychophysiology found a link between low heart rate variability (HRV) and uncontrolled eating habits. HRV is a measure of the balance of the nervous system. A high HRV indicates that your body is fit and can adapt to your environment, while a low HRV indicates that your body is tired, dehydrated, stressed, or ill. Researchers have found that lower HRV low-calorie intake is associated with less success and a more uncontrolled diet in chocolate cravings. Researchers say that breathing techniques and techniques help to balance our nervous system and better manage our desires.

Here are two ways to practice:

  1. Belly Breathing: Sit with one hand on your upper chest and the other on your abdomen directly under your rib cage. Inhale slowly through your nose so that you can take your stomach out of your hands before chest tightening. Open your mouth a little more slowly and walk until your stomach comes up and your ribs are pressed. Pause for at least a minute and repeat.
  2. 4-7-8 Breathing: According to Andrew Weill, MD, pioneer of integrated medicine at the University of Arizona, this technique is useful for reducing discomfort and treating cracks. Here's how: Exhale completely, then breathe in slowly through your nose for 4 seconds. Hold this breath for seconds, then clear your list to make a "wash" as you exhale loudly through your mouth for seconds. Repeat cycles 4-7-8 four times. Do this twice a day. Note: You can get a lighthouse unless you are in the habit of ordering..

Clean Your Kitchen Counter

Cleaning counter

Here's the trick that comes with sight and mouth: The easiest way to avoid cravings is to keep biscuits, fries, and coffee cakes away from your kitchen counter. Kitchen counters face respiratory treatment, according to Counters Environment and Behavior magazine. And if you want to make sure your kitchen is in top shape, here are the 50 best kitchen cleaning tips.


Drink Yerba Mate

yerba mate

Just drinking tea can fill your stomach and reduce cravings, this special green tea is also known for its potent thermogenic effects - meaning it changes your body's calorie-burning mechanism - and also promotes weight loss by reducing it. Can give. Improved insulin sensitivity.


Set an Alarm on Your Phone

alarm clock desk

What if you are too busy and skip breakfast or lunch? They become famous and swallow everything in sight. Skipping meals is a reason to throw gasoline on a smoldering fire, relieve the acute pain of hunger, and eat more. To avoid this, set your phone alarm every three to four hours to remember that there is something small to eat. Researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University have found that a planned meal helps people cope with hunger, avoid cravings, and lose weight.


Eat Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts

Put a stash on your desk! Brazil nuts are not only rich in three nutrients such as saturated fat, protein and fiber, but also provide significant amounts of chromium. This auxiliary mineral keeps blood sugar levels stable and lowers energy which stimulates desire. Broccoli works but is more difficult to keep in a desk drawer.


Have Some Chocolate-Covered Almonds

chocolate covered almonds

Here, too, you get protein, fiber and fat to reduce stomach cramps and satisfy your craving for chocolate. According to a study in the journal Nutf Nutrition, chocolate is the most widely consumed in North America - especially by women. Just make sure the degradable coating is dark chocolate, typically made from 70 percent or more cocoa, the healthiest type that is full of saturated fats and antioxidants.


Practice One and Done


Humans naturally crave fat and sugar, so don’t fight Mother Nature. Treat yourself to a normal cake or biscuit and avoid these delicious alternatives with little sugar and low fat. Try to get a piece of treat and remove the rest immediately. Exercise to be satisfied with just one taste and you will never feel deprived.


Stifle a Craving with Something Naturally Sweet

Frozen blueberries

It sounds pretty obvious, but are you really doing it? The next time you eat ice cream, put some frozen blueberries in your mouth. Next time you slice the candy and eat a sweet, fresh apple.


Crunch a Healthier Chip

peppers hummus

If you want potato chips for a tax break, cut some carrots, cucumbers and peppers like chips, and then you break them into hummus. Without overloading defects and sodium your mouth will be responsible for potato chips, salty and oily satisfaction.


Pop a Mint; Stop a Pizza Binge

container of mints

Next time you feel like you just have to take a piece of something, put mint in your mouth instead! A study published in Neurogastroenterology and Motivation found that peppermint oil in candy sends a signal to your brain to stop eating.


Gargling Does the Trick, Too


Just try this experiment. Eat a piece of your favorite chocolate chip cookie. Have fun Now brush and gargle your teeth before taking another bite. Presto! You don't mind returning the cookie. Better idea: Kiss your partner!

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Fall in Love with These Olives

kalamata olives

Pick the right olive to nosh on and you'll likely satisfy cravings quicker. Researchers say Kalamata olives contain higher amounts of heart-healthy, hunger-busty monounsaturated fats than canned olives typically do.

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