Best Multiplayer Games You Can Play Now

Rocket League

Love football and car racing? Well, Rocket League is a crossover between these two genres of gaming. It is also super accessible as it's free to play and allows cross platform fun.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

In this tactical FPS, small choices lead to big consequences. Every round is a new lesson in what you could have done better, with your mistakes acting as a stern teacher.

Apex Legends

It is the only free-to-play battle royale that lets you launch yourself up into the sky and dodge bullets in the air while throwing a mini black hole at an enemy squad. In simple terms, it's a lot of fun to plays


This is another free-to-play FPSVa, but it's a very refreshing take on its genre with quite a few interesting game modes and characters to choose from

Call of Duty: Warzone

This game is mighty competitive, realistic and fun. It costs you nothing, but you will require a decent gaming PC to play it in its full glory.

GTA Online

GTA Online is a living embodiment of ‘old is gold'. It's been around for quite a few years, and it still beats several online open world games in terms of quality of missions, gameplay and even graphics

GTA Online

This game is a huge hit among smartphone gamers that are tired of the same old games. It offers a ton of memorable funny moments in a rather simplistic package.

Destiny 2

This game has a ton of game modes to offer, including PvE raids, PvP and even PvPvE. It offers fantastic gameplay and has a huge community too, so you'll always be having a blast.

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