Best At-Home Exercises To Strengthen And Tone Your Legs


Having strong and toned legs is a dream for many. Exercising can not only strengthen your legs, it can also protect your knees from injury and improve your balance.


If you don't have time to hit the gym, here are the best at-home exercises to strengthen and tone your legs.

Walking lunges

The best way to get your legs in shape. Lunges stretch your glutes, hamstrings and core and also help with knee pain.

Climbing steps

Step-ups are a great way to work your leg muscles and shape your thigh and hips

Side lunge

This lunge helps work your inner thighs, it provides you with better stability and balance.

Leg raises

An excellent core and leg workout, it helps burn excess fat and tone your muscle.

Body weight squat

Begin your workout without adding any dumbbells or weight. Squats are the best to strengthen your lower body and build your muscles..

Jump squat

An intermediate level pose that can be more challenging and intense.

Leg taps

Easy way to incorporate more exercise into your day. Use a sofa or a chair to raise your leg and lightly tap the sofa with your toes.

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