7 Best South Indian Chicken Recipes

South Indian food has a fan following of its own. These south Indian chicken recipes will delight your tastebuds and soon be; customary to your meal.

1. Korri Gassi

Coconut milk and tamarind come together to give a delectable flavour to tender chicken pieces. Relish this masterpiece from Karnataka.

2. South Indian Fried Chicken

A perfect monsoon snack, south Indian fried chicken is a crispy, fried, delicious chicken starter you can serve at dinner parties.

3. Chicken Nizami

With a flurry of aromatic masalas, luscious add-ons, cream and chicken, this recipe lives up to its name. Best accompanied with rice!

4. Chicken 65

A delicacy that needs no introduction, it's the pride of Chettinad cuisine. This dish can set your mouth on fire, and make your heart beat faster.

5. Coorg Gawti Chicken

Up the spice quotient of your meal with this Coorg special. Pair with rice or bread, this chicken curry is going to stay your favourite for a long time.

6. Kerala Chicken

Roast One of the most iconic and must-have delicacies of Malabar cuisine. Kerala chicken roast is one of those dishes that you must start your party with

7. Andhra Pepper Chicken

For those who love their food fiery hot, we bring to you the authentic Andhra-style chicken loaded with the heat of pepper.

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